Exercise Posture

Common cause of low back pain: tight abdominals and weak glutes leads to postural distortion of anterior pelvic tilt.

Postural Distortion - Pattern 1. Pictured below is an excessive amount of anterior pelvic tilt leading to increased stress on the low back, specifically where the lumbar spine and sacrum meet (L5/S1 area). Overtime this can cause premature degeneration of the L5/S1 disc, joints and ligaments.

Common cause of low back: weak glutes and tight abdominals

Solution to anterior pelvic tilt? Posterior pelvic tilt, tuck pelvis underneath your body and bring the belly button to your spine.

Much less stress on the low back and sacrum and brings your center of gravity to better position.

tucking pelvis underneath

Postural Distortion - Pattern 2: Anterior pelvic tilt and forward head posture. Under active gluteal muscles, tight and shortened abdominals, and tightness in the pectoral muscles overtime leads to this postural distortion.

unbalanced postureSolution to anterior forward head posture: Chin retraction

Practicing chin tucks is a way to decrease forward head posture while also bringing the shoulders down and back.

Ideally, you want the ear in line with the shoulder.

chin retraction

Sitting at a desk for most of the day? Bruggers relief position is the reset we all need when sitting too long.

Tuck the chin, turn the arms out at your sides and allow the chest to stretch. Hold for 5 slow breaths. Try and do this a couple times every hour.

Bruggers relief position

The next three pictures shown are exercises to improve posture.

Pushing arms and hands into the ground with palms up and knees bent as pictured below keeping chin tucked the whole time. Work up to 5 second holds, 5 sets total.

This first exercise works the rhomboids which are the muscles between the shoulder blades that are typically found under active and weak due to not using them enough throughout the day.

kyphosis reduction

2nd exercise shown below is works the middle traps.

kyphosis reduction

3rd exercise shown below works the lower trap.

kyphosis reduction

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