Exercise Upper Body Focus

First exercise - Push up. The key to this exercise is keeping the head in neutral position and looking slightly out to the ground in front of you. Maintain a tight core throughout this exercise and lower your body slowly to the ground.

push up

push up

Next exercise - supinated grip shoulder press. Notice that the palms are facing one's body, this allows for more focus on the chest and anterior deltoid and less stress on the biceps tendon area.

front press

front press

Remember: Keep a tight core throughout this entire exercise.

front press

Next exercise - Lateral raise. This exercise is for the deltoid muscles. For proper execution of this movement, picture your elbows going straight out to the wall. Keep shoulders down and back the entire time to keep the form in check.

lat raise

lat raise

Remember: do not go above 90 degrees with this exercise. Anything above that level the upper trapezius muscles become involved and can lead to tightness and spasm.

lat raise

Next exercise - Front raise. Notice the palms are facing upwards in a supinated grip. Keep a tight core throughout this movement and keep body still.

front raise

front raise

Notice that the arms do not go above shoulder level on this exercise.

front raise

Next exercise - Biceps curl. Keep elbows next to sides and slightly in front of body to isolate the biceps muscle.

bicep curl

Biceps curl hold. Holding this position with arms tucked in at the sides is a variation of this exercise.


Next exercise - Shoulder press. This exercise is where the palms are facing outwards. This exercise can cause more strain on the biceps tendon area if not careful. When performing this exercise think about pushing elbows out and slowly return back to neutral.

shoulder press

shouldershoulder press

Next exercise - Chest press with neutral grip. Notice that palms are facing each other as pictured below.

chest press neutral

chest press eutral

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