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upper-cervical-concept.pngThe Grostic technique is a precise system of care for the upper cervical spine including examining the relationships of the skull, first and second vertebrae and that complex relationship to the entire cervical spine. Because subluxations in these areas can have far reaching and deleterious effects to one’s health, it is necessary to use a precise and accurate means to determine the direction and magnitude of this misalignment. To ensure this precision and accuracy, special equipment and methods have been developed to perform this adjustment. This method includes taking three films of the cervical spine and analyzing the film in creation of a specific vector for each individual. 

This adjustment is very low force and specific, and can be very helpful for people that have not been able to achieve full relief of their symptoms with regular chiropractic care. Call us today and see if you would benefit from correcting your Atlas Subluxation Complex and how we can help. 

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