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Gainesville Car Accident Neck pain

Patient: 25 year old female, 5’-1”, 100lbs, blood pressure 120/76mmHg, pulse 60bpm, and 16 breaths per minute

Accident Description: This patient was involved in a motor vehicle while stopped at a light, the light turned green and she started to move forward, the car behind her then hit the rear end of her car at approximately 10mph. She recalls not having time to brace herself and felt her head go forward and then whip back hitting the headrest. She felt immediate pain in her neck and head and slight nausea within an hour of the accident.

Hospital Treatment and Medications: She went to the urgent care center where an x-ray and CT scan of the head and neck were taken. Both came back negative for fractures, dislocations and internal bleeding. She was prescribed prescription opioids for pain and muscle relaxers for the spasms in her head and neck she was feeling

Subjective: Patient reports intense neck and head pain that is worse with any movement of the neck.
She reports her nausea lasted a couple days post accident, and had been taking the opioids for pain management leading to an upset stomach. She rates her neck pain 9/10, head pain 8/10 and low back pain which started two days after the accident as a 7/10.

Visual Inspection: Patient presented with a high left shoulder, head tilted to the left

Manual Palpation: Palpation revealed muscle guarding and severe spasms in the cervical paraspinals areas as
well as in the upper trapezius bilaterally. Tenderness elicited via palpation in the upper neck and head area as well as near the shoulder blade region.

Range of Motion Assessment: She had decreased range of motion in all neck movements, with increased pain when
turning left and right and when looking up. Left rotation measured 25 degrees, normal is 80 degrees and right rotation measured 35 degrees, normal is 80 degrees. This lack of motion interfered with her ability to groom herself, bath, drive,
work, care for others and perform emergency responses.

Chiropractic Treatment Week 1: Her neck pain decreased from 9/10 to 7/10 on her first visit. Her atlas was
adjusted using the Grostic technique, which led to an increase in range of motion and less pain on right and left rotation. Cold pack therapy was used at home by the patient along with rest, fluids and a decrease in phone and
television usage. The nausea the patient was experiencing abated after her Grostic adjustment to C1. Low back pain was decreased to a 3/10 following adjustments.

After 3 Weeks of Treatment: Her neck pain decreased to a 3/10 and range of motion was restored to her cervical
spine with only mild tightness felt at end range with left rotation of the cervical spine. She was back to work within 3 weeks of her accident and taking no pain medications.

Many patients who seek our chiropractic services have similar outcomes, with improved ranges of motion, increased
strength, and improved mood.

Call us today if you have been in an accident in Gainesville, FL. We will be happy to assist you on your way back to health.

352-373-9911 at Bensen Family Chiropractic.


Patient: 62 year old male, 6’-1”, 200lbs, blood pressure 138/94mmHg, pulse 86bpm, and 18 breaths per minute.

Accident Description: The victim was involved in an accident where he was stopped at a red light and was rear-ended while stopped. He recalls attempting to brace himself for the impact as he saw the car coming in his rear-view mirror. He immediately had pain in his neck, back and left shoulder from where the seatbelt restrained him.

Hospital Treatment and Medications: He had x-rays taken of the neck, low back and left shoulder, a CT scan of the head and neck, both coming back negative for fractures, dislocations, or internal bleeding. He was prescribed 150mg of Ibuprofen (pain reliever and inflammation treatment) and 15mg Flexeril (muscle relaxer) per day.

Subjective: Patient’s neck, low back and shoulder pain persisted throughout the week leaving him
unable to work, sleep, and bathing was difficult. He came in for an evaluation to the clinic, rating his neck pain 7/10, low back pain 6/10 and his left shoulder pain a 8/10 with pain radiating down into the elbow area.

Visual Inspection: Patient presented with antalgic lean to the right, high hip on the right, high left shoulder, head tilted to the left.

Manual Palpation: Muscle guarding and severe spasms found in the lumbar paraspinal muscles, and quadratus
lumborum on the right showed muscle guarding upon palpation. Severe muscle spasm of the left cervical paraspinal musculature, along with the trapezius,levator scapulae, and pectoralis major and minor on the left side. Left
shoulder palpation was able to recreate the radiating pain down into his elbow when the deltoid muscle was palpated.

Range of Motion Assessment: He had decreased range of motion in his neck when turning to the left and right,
but more decreased when turning left, approximately 30 degrees. He was unable to raise his arm past shoulder level and had pain with any overhead motions. He had decreased right lateral bending in the lumbar spine due to pain and restriction.

Chiropractic Treatment Week 1: His neck pain decreased to a 5/10 and was able to turn his neck to the left with
less restriction and increased range of motion up to 50 degrees. Flexion distraction was used on his lumbar spine, which led to a decrease in low back pain from a 6/10 to a 3/10. Shoulder adjustments were given along with manual
therapy to that area to improve muscle function and to release restrictions in the pectoralis, trapezius and levator scapulae regions.

After 3 Weeks of Treatment: His neck pain decreased to 3/10 and motion was restored to the cervical spine.
Shoulder pain improved greatly with patient having full shoulder range of motion and no pain with overhead motions. Patient was shown exercises to stretch and strengthen certain areas which lead to a decrease in his low back
pain and no more antalgic lean to the right. Blood pressure was reduced to 122/80mmHg.

At 6 weeks, patient was back at work, sleeping better and able to function without pain.

Many patients who seek our chiropractic services have similar outcomes, with improved ranges of motion, increased
strength, improved mood, and normalized blood pressure.

Call us today if you have been in an accident in Gainesville, FL. We will be happy to assist you on your way back to health. 352-373-9911 at Bensen Family Chiropractic.

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