Pain relief is not resolution

Does pain relief equal pain resolution? No it doesn't!

Failure to restore complete function means any pain relief that an individual has experienced will be temporary and means that chronic pain and dysfunction will be present for years to come.

Abnormalities of joint movement such as limited range of motion of a joint or hypermobility can lead to abnormal patterns of movement including an altered gait and pain in various areas of the body.

Chiropractic care can help fix faulty joint mechanics by realigning the joints of the spine and extremities leading to improved range of motion and less pain. Once out of pain we will show you how to avoid future  pain.

At our office we provide one on one fitness instruction designed to help put you on the  path to healing. We will give you  specific corrective exercises to restore complete function and break the cycle of chronic pain and dysfunction.

One on one fitness instruction is provided by Dr. Halle Bensen DC, she is both a chiropractor and personal trainer with years of experience helping a variety of people suffering with all types of pain.  

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